Discount used auto parts

Auto Salvage Tempe

Pluck A Part’s auto salvage yard in Tempe, AZ has two distinct sections to our facility to serve your used auto parts needs.

U Pull Your Own Parts

This area of our facility is for people who want to pull their own used auto parts. Our experienced staff will tell you what vehicle has the parts that you are looking for and what section of the auto wrecking facility the vehicle is in. We will also tell you if other vehicles parts fit your vehicle. When pulling your own parts be sure to wear the appropriate clothing and footwear. You may also want to bring along a friend to help you. Working with four hands is always easier than just two.

We Pull Parts For You

We have thousands of used auto parts that are already pulled from vehicles, and are ready to be sold. When you call our facility all you need to do is tell us what part you are looking for and we will locate the used auto part and pull it for you.

When you arrive at our auto wrecking facility all you need to do is pay for the part and have us load it onto your vehicle.

If we pull the part you will have to pay extra for the service which covers the labor of pulling the used auto part.

Quality Used Auto Parts

Pluck A Part used auto parts Tempe has hundreds of thousands of gently used auto parts for sale each day. We are constantly buying vehicles so our inventory of used auto parts is changing by the minute. If we do not have the part that you are looking for we can locate it at another yard for you and have it shipped to our facility.

All parts come with a minimum 30 day guarantee. If the part is defective simply return it to us with the 30 day period with your receipt for a store credit.